Potions are used in Lake Kindred to aide in battle. Some potions can only be used in battle, while others can only be used outside of battle.

Types of Potions

Restoring Potions

These potions are used to restore things, whether in battle or not

Healing Potions

These potions heal your kin for a certain amount of HP. *For use during battle*

  • Small Heal: Heals kin HP 25%
  • Mega Heal: Heals kin HP 100%

Stamina Potions

These potions restore a set amount of stamina points

*For use outside of battle*

  • Stamina Up: Restores 10 stamina points
  • Mega Stamina Up: Restores 100 stamina points

Other Restoring Potions

*For use during battle*

  • Magic Restore: Restores 50% of your magical power

Damaging Potions

These potions cause damage to the enemy kin during battle.

*For use during battle*

  • Singe: Deals 10 points of damage
  • Death Dealer: Deals 25 points of damage

Status Effect Potions

These potions cure status effect.

  • Refresh: Heals Wither effect (ONLY USED DURING BATTLE)
  • Antidote: Heals Poison effect (CAN BE USED IN AND OUT OF BATTLE)

XP Potions

These potions are used to gain xp.

*For use outside of battle*

  • Ally Plus 50%: Increases kin ally points by 50% of level (DO NOT USE ON LEVEL 50 KIN)
  • Ally Plus 100%: Increases kin ally points by 100% of level (DO NOT USE ON LEVEL 50 KIN)
  • Skill Plus 100%: Increases Gaian skill points by 100% of level
  • Skill Plus 200%: Increases Gaian skill points by 200% of level

Sealed Potions

These potions are sealed, meaning they cannot be used in or out of battle

  • Bottle of Poison: Causes poison effect to enemy kin
  • Restore: Restores all HP and MP, Heals all status effects

Other Potions

  • Radiance Potions: Used to change the radiance of a kin (Used out of battle)

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