The virtual-item Marketplace is a venue where every player may sell items and other players can buy them at the price set for the item. Items can be bought through Gaia Cash or Gold

Kindred items

Kindred items may be found as listings in the Marketplace,such as potions and bundles can be found there. Non-soulbound Kins can also be found there,the Marketplace is another place where Kins can be obtained aside from being enemy drops


Prices of items that are being sold will be decided by the player that is selling the item. If the item is sold in quantities, the main price will be divided by the quantity. The prices of the items there may differ and vary depending on the rarity of the item

Bidding Prices

Bidding a price is another option for prices. Multiple players can pay any amount of Gold but with a minimum amount set by the seller. After that the seller can choose which bid price is being offered from one of the players and grant the item to him/her

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