In Game Shop

The in game shop is where users can purchase different game items from within the game. There are three different categories to chose from; Kins, Chance, and Potions. There are both Gcash and Gold items avaliable

With your first purchase from the store, you will receive a first purchase bonus. This gives you an extra Mega Heal, Ally Plus (50%), and Skill Plus (100%).


The first category on the page and the one open when you click the shop. It features items you can purchase, all for Gcash.


The three kin you can buy. These kin are only available with Gcash.





The chance tab is the third tab on the shop menu. Here you can purchase different Chance Boxes. Each one has a different set of kin you can obtain randomly. All are purchasable with Gcash, but one is purchasable with gold.

Standard Kin Chance Box


Standard Kin Chance Box

Price: 250,000,000 Gold (4 Gcash)

Possible kin drops:

Premium Kin Chance Box

Price: 399 Gcash


Premium Kin Chance Box

Deluxe Kin Chance Box

Price: 1,999 Gcash


Deluxe Kin Chance Box


This is the forth tab on the shop's header. Here you can buy different potions with both Gold and Gcash.

Gold Items

  • Small Heal (50,000,000 Gold) (1 Gcash)
  • Mega Heal (150,000,000 Gold) (3 Gcash)
  • Stamina Up (100,000,000 Gold) (2 Gcash)
  • Mega Stamina Up (200,000,000 Gold (4 Gcash)
  • Antidote (50,000,000 Gold) (1 Gcash)
  • Refresh (400,000 Gold (1 Gcash)
  • Singe (10,000,000 Gold (1 Gcash)
  • Death Dealer Potion (1,000,000,000 Gold (10 Gcash)
  • Resurrection (1,000,000,000 Gold) (10 Gcash)

Gcash Items

  • Ally Plus 50% (99 Gcash)
  • Ally Plus 100% (149 Gcash)
  • Skill Plus 100% (99 Gcash)
  • Skill Plus 200% (149 Gcash)
  • Double Ally (single) (399 Gcash)
  • Double Ally (all) (799 Gcash)



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