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• 11/11/2017

Main Page Changes

Alright so I did some changes to the main page to prep it for being all prettied up but since I'm a bit low on mental energy for all the work involved to get it all done tonight I've left a lot of the boxes with what we can add in them so if anyone else wants to they can fill those with whatever's needed. I wasn't sure how to get the poll into the new box so if anyone knows how to do that please feel free to put it in there! I was thinking if we've got more photos to add like an actual Lake Kindred logo to replace the plain text wiki name and any other official images/gameplay shots that would help improve visuals. Also I've been gone for almost a year for personal issues but I'm hoping to get back on track with helping put this wiki together for others now!
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• 6/12/2017


My request for adoption got approved, so I am now the new admin of the wiki~! :D
So with this I'm gunna start adding and changing some things around here.
And if anyone would like to request to become a mod or something else, feel free to ask! I'd hate to have what happen last time happen again, so let's start making the chain of command while we can <3
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• 5/18/2017


Did you guys send in an adoption request for this wiki?
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• 12/2/2016
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